Born as a facilitating group in support of the peace movement in West Bengal, particularly during the Third Joint Conference of the Pakistan-India People’s Forum for Peace and Democracy - an unprecedented public gathering of 400 peace activists of the sub-continent for 4 days in Calcutta in 1996 - the Mahanirban Calcutta Research Group is now known as the Calcutta Research Group (CRG). The founders were a group of researchers, trade unionists, feminist thinkers and women’s rights campaigners, academics, journalists, and lawyers. This was to be a forum for policy discussion and analysis on issues of democracy, human rights, peace, and justice. 

        Developing as a forum of mostly young public activists and socially committed researchers, CRG is now well-known for its research, dialogues, and advocacy work. It has  carved out a niche for itself in the scholar-activist world for its policy studies on autonomy, human rights, women’s dignity, issues of forced displacement and migration, peace and conflict resolution, citizenship, borders and border-conflicts, and other themes relevant to democracy.  The emphasis that CRG places on the East and the Northeast in its research and dialogues has now resulted in a strong network of scholars, activists, and institutions in the region.


Krishna Trust : Krishna Memorial Awards for Women Educationists and Caregivers

CRG now plan to collaborate more deeply and meaningfully with
Krishna Trust and organise such programmes to encourage the work for education and health of women, and care of the women in need.  This will be also a noble effort on part of CRG towards providing service to our society. For details of Krishna Trust, please CLICK HERE

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 Sixth Critical Studies Conference

Kolkata, 23-25 August 2017

Refugees, Migrants, Violence and the Transformation of Cities


Cities world over are attracting increasing numbers of people fleeing villages, small and big towns, other countries and continents to escape conflicts, wars, violence, environmental degradation and natural disasters. Political, economic, social and cultural reasons have combined in this phenomenon of massive and mixed migration. Displacements being protracted immigrants arrive often to stay. Cities are facing the brunt of this development and are imperceptibly or radically being transformed. In this background the Sixth Critical Studies Conference will be an interdisciplinary attempt to map in a comparative framework the restructuring of cities under the impact of refugee and migration flows. It will explore cityscapes in various parts of the world as inbuilt destination spaces of refugee and population movements, such as irregular and subsistence labour as guest workers, trafficked victims, smuggled women and children, immigrant workers in care and entertainment industry, and above all masses of urban refugees and environmental migrants. The conference will thereby seek to understand how with refugees and migrants as inbuilt components of their formation, today’s cities constitute and contest at the same time the parallel scales of the local, national, and the global; how as migrant spaces cities become the battleground of rights, security, economy, citizenship, populism, and culture; and yet how cities can develop as public spaces and spheres of participation in which varied actors negotiate diversity including race, caste, class, and gender. With this broad aim this research conference will bring to light in historical and comparative perspective the urban experiences of restructuration. This conference is a part of Calcutta Research Group’s  research project on Cities, Rural Migrants and the Urban Poor –  supported by the Ford Foundation.

On the themes and details of the five previous critical studies conferences, visit –

Panel proposals will be given preference over individual proposals. Abstracts/proposals (of about 1000 words) may be submitted by 30 April 2017 and complete papers (of about 6000 words each) by 15 July 2017. Selected papers will be notified by 10 May 2017. No travel subsidy is available. Accommodation will be provided for three nights to selected outstation participants. All communications may be addressed at Dr. Anita Sengupta ( with copy to Ritam Sengupta ( Inquiries are welcome.


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CRG is inviting abstracts (of not more than 300 words) from scholars, students and activists along with a short bio-note. You can mail your abstracts to
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